Compounding Products

Pharmaceutic Labs CGMP outsourcing facility compounds in bulk. Our state-of-the-art compounding area has highly trained pharmacists, quality assurance team, chemists and laboratory technicians. The non-sterile lab is adherent to all guidelines as set forth by USP <795>, USP <797>, and USP <800>.

Compounding Dosage Forms

  • topical (solutions, gels, creams)
  • troches
  • transdermal (suspensions, gels, PLOs)
  • effervescent tabs or powders
  • oral liquids (suspensions, solutions)
  • lollipops or gummies
  • capsules (powder or oil)
  • nasal sprays
  • suppositories
  • powdered bandages

Compounding Product List

bHRT/Women’s Health

Pain Management



Contact us at 518-608-4425 for information on our complete line of specialty compounding products or specialized orders.