“At Pharmaceutic Labs,
our quality assurance seal means
excellence in quality and safety.
The people, process, and facility are held
to the highest possible standards.”
~ Ernesto Samuel, CEO

People Committed to Quality

Pharmaceutic Lab’s commitment to quality begins with our rigorous hiring process to identify key individuals with a strong dedication to quality assurance and patient safety. These individuals undergo a thorough interview and background analysis to ensure they meet Pharmaceutic Labs’ standards. All employees are required to complete our rigorous training program before performing any duties as a Pharmaceutic Labs’ employee. Our robust training program consists of CGMP, sterile aseptic practices, and thorough training on each standard operating procedure. After the completion of each training program, the employee is given an assessment to ensure complete understanding and knowledge in each subject area. Training is given to the employees on a routine basis to ensure overall quality and continuous development of our employees. Dedication to quality can be seen throughout the entire pulse of the organization.

Our staff includes a Quality Assurance Director, a Quality Control Director, Pharmacists, Pharmacy Technicians, a Chemist as well as a Compliance and Regulatory Officer. Employees, equipment, training, processes, and compliance with state and federal regulations validate that Pharmaceutic Labs is the top tier company in the industry in quality and patient safety.